Wiktor Dobrzański


Adam Al Azhari


We have a team of highly trained engineers who are passionate about technology and innovation. These engineers are responsible for designing, developing and optimizing racing vehicles.

Tecnicar engineers work hand in hand with the drivers to ensure that the car has the right set-up for each circuit and each race condition. They are also responsible for managing data and telemetry during the race, allowing them to monitor and analyze the car’s performance in real time and adjust accordingly.

In addition to their focus on vehicle performance, Tecnicar engineers also focus on developing new technologies and manufacturing techniques to improve car efficiency and performance. They use advanced simulation tools to predict and optimize vehicle performance before races.

In general, Tecnicar engineers are an integral part of the racing team and are committed to the team’s success at every race. Their dedication to technology and innovation allows them to stay at the forefront of the sport and make Tecnicar a formidable team in the F4 Spanish Championship.